How to File Complaints against the Los Angeles Police Department

This police department's policy permits them to investigate complaints sent via email. They also accept complaints filed on non-department forms. That means can automatically file your report after you put it together. is an independent project developed by Flex Your Rights, a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit.

The information below includes other ways to submit a formal complaint to the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners.

Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners

This is the agency that collects complaints against the Los Angeles Police Department. It's where we recommend that users file their formal complaints.

100 West First Street, Suite 134, Los Angeles, CA 90012
213-236-1400 can email your complaint to this agency.
[email protected]

You can submit your complaint through this agency's online complaint form. Include the public link to your complaint. And if possible, attach your PDF, which we will send you.

This investigative agency has a PDF form you can print out and mail.

If you submit your complaint on paper, we recommend that you staple a copy of your full complaint together with the department form.

Complaint process information:

  • Complaints submitted by phone will be investigated.
  • Complaints submitted by postal mail will be investigated. Send using USPS Certified Mail.

Los Angeles Police Department

201 N. Figueroa Street, Suite 1600, Los Angeles, CA 90013
(800) 339-6868

Web Presence




Complaints Accessibility

Score: 100/100

Grade: A+

Has online-submittable complaint form (not just a PDF)
Has complaint information on unique web page (not just on PDF)
Complaint information link visible on police department homepage
Has complaint form PDF on website
Investigates complaints sent via email
Official department form not required for investigation
Anonymous complaints investigated
Has unique department website
Has a Facebook page (with public comments on)
Has a Twitter account
Has a YouTube channel
Investigates complaints sent via phone
Investigates complaints sent via postal mail
Requires complaints to be filed in person
Requires notary or in-person signature (for one or more types of complaint)

Department info updated 6/12/20
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