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Did you receive a complaint through Or do you want to improve your department's Accessibility Grade? We can help!

How can help your department is a website that helps people prepare, file, and track reports of police conduct. This includes compliments as well as complaints. For law enforcement agencies that value constitutional, community policing – this is a tool for you. was developed with contributions from police oversight professionals from across the country. The tools are designed to serve the needs of police commanders, attorneys, and others working to advance police oversight and accountability through better, more open data.

Together, we can foster a culture of transparency and accountability to build community trust.

I got an email linking to a complaint against my department

You should have been emailed a special link and a temporary key code. After you go to the special link page, enter the key code to access the detailed complaint (or compliment) report.

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Improve your department's accessibility grade

There are many easy ways to improve your department's accessibility grading criteria. It might be easy to pick up points for setting social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. But bigger points are awarded for having an online-submittable complaint form.

If your department investigates complaints sent via email, then you can take advantage of the software we spent years building. By adding a simple link to your website allowing the public to submit complaints using, we will automatically email you access to each completed, and you'll earn 20 accessibility points for having an online form.

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