Please Volunteer To Help

You can help build the nation's most powerful database of police complaints.

Your research will do three important things:

  1. You'll help build a national open-source directory of police department contact information.
  2. The up-to-date directory will help users file complaints the right way with the right department.
  3. Your research will reveal a "Complaints Accessibility Score" for each department. This score shows how easy or difficult it is for people to share complaints with departments.

Thank you for helping to make stronger!



Every time someone submits a complaint or compliment here, we check if our database has recent information for the department(s) involved. If the department's complaint process needs to be researched, we alert our team of volunteers.


Volunteers help out by doing online research into the department's basic contact information and web presence. This is followed up by a phone call to the department (with non-emergency number) to confirm the information found online. Finally a phone call is made to the internal affairs department – or sometimes an independent civilian investigative agency – to fill in remaining questions, and confirm important info.